post christmas

While I’m incredibly impressed with the new MacBook Air, it’s not got me slavering. In fact, I can’t even really say that anything had me slavering when it was all said and done. It’s a darned impressive piece of technological workmanship and design. Mad props – just not for me at that price point. I’ve very happy with my MacBook Pro – heavier in most senses.


The coolest announcement for me I got for free – the iPhone 1.0.3 update. The webclips and enhanced map/locator functionality are just wonderful. The locator has even worked pretty darn well. One evening it said I was in the ship canal bridge when I was actually 1/2 mile south of there, but a repeat request a few minutes later had it target in on me with scary-accurate precision.


I’m rather tempted by this Time Capsule thing too. I’ve got an old-school base station (a silver UFO model) tucked in my basement, and an upgrade wouldn’t hurt me any. Getting a hard drive to use to backup my other systems would be kinda nice too…. but I’m still not rushing out to get it yet though.