Sharpe’s Waterloo

Karen got me a great present for Christmas, which I’m getting close to finishing out. Tonight I finished the last of the “original” Sharpe’s Rifle’s series. I’ve seen the whole set previously – maybe 18 months or more ago through netflix. We’ve been watching the episodes here and there since Christmas, but this one episode really stuck with me. The funny part is that I didn’t really remember the ending of this episode – so the last 15 minutes or so where unfamiliar to me. Two of my favorite characters bite it in this one. Given that the whole thing is about a rifleman’s adventures in the Napoleonic wars, there’s lots of killing and getting dead going on in each episode – but a few prized characters made it through to this episode.

I’ve got one more episode in my set: Sharpe’s Challenge. Not quite sure when we’ll get to that, but it likely won’t be long now. It’ll be back to the netflix queue after that – I’ve got quite a bit piled up in backlog.

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