Phill Ryu comes across a little rough

Mike Lee, the bad dude that he is – with his cuddly lemurs and stuff – wrote an article up about MacHeist – a mac promotion. This is the second year going, and it’s reportedly doing exceptionally well. I’ve enjoyed Mike’s articles every step of the way, and of course I read this one. “Yep, about right” was my impression. There’s some indie mac developers who don’t think MacHeist is a good deal for them – that’s cool. Others are clearly doing well with it.

But then there’s the addendum. Mike posted up a conversation between him and Phill via Instant Messenger. It’s an interesting read, and when I say that “Phill Ryu comes across a little rough”, I’m being polite. My opinion of him just dropped into the trough. I’m looking forward to this reported exclusive with Gruber maybe propping him up a bit – but Mike’s proposal was to basically do another think like MacHeist for the good of Lemur and Madagascar. Phill comes off as a bully at best. While Mike’s answering his questions left and right, it’s like Phill isn’t listening. It’s a like a one-way conversation mirror there, with only peeks getting back. I’m not even really sure that you can call this a conversation, except that Phill *does* respond every now and then.

Mike – you’re not in the wrong. He’s being a jerk.  That said, ignore the bugger. Do the Mad idea and make it rock, and you’ll get what you want. You can’t worry about (use your own choice of adjective here) people thinking you’re a jerk. It’s like responding to Rixstep, it just doesn’t do any freakin good. 

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One thought on “Phill Ryu comes across a little rough

  1. I find it incredibly amusing that the person who’s blog is called “motherfucker” was the calm and reasonable one in that conversation.

    Hey and I got a LOT of satisfaction out of responding to Rixstep.

    But yeah, you’re right of course – in general. 😉


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