Forget the ads

I’ve had ads running on this site as a lazy experiment for the better part of 18 months now. I haven’t done anything to really push the ads other than prominently display them. My take home was roughly $2.50 each month – which just isn’t worth the annoyance of seeing ads up there, so I’ve ripped that done. All told, my earnings haven’t broken $50, so to hell with it. I typically get between 2500 and 3000 pageviews a month – just not enough to mess with advertising for even simple cash.

Away go the ads.

Published by heckj

Joe has broad software engineering development and management experience, from startups to large companies. Joe works on projects ranging from mobile to multi-cloud distributed systems, has set up and led engineering teams and processes, as well as managing and running services. Joe also contributes and collaborates with a wide variety of open source projects, and writes online at

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