Ah! so that’s what happened…

I’ve spent most of the afternoon re-aquainting myself with Mac programming idioms, and generally getting myself into a veritable froth of possibilityand over-imagination about the CoreAnimation technologies.

Outside of that, I finally backtracked into the world of Ruby on Rails to figure out why all the examples in the books were completely screwed up for me. It turns out that a basic stepping stone in most of those tutorials is the “dynamic scaffolding” bit. In the world of the Django frameworks, this is sort of a cross between the Admin functionality that’s implied from all models there and a “insta-crud” framework that’s for a general user’s benefit.

Regardless, when I got to that point in the rails world, the demos just all broke and went to hell – and as a rank newbie, I hadn’t a freakin’ clue of what was going on and how to fix it.Today I finally pinned it down. Taking some time away from it gave me a little perspective (as in I wasn’t muttering about how this rails thing sucks) and I got the skinny on the ruby forums. In a nutshell, dynamic scaffolding doesn’t exist in Rails 2.x – but you can generate a static scaffolding with rails generator code.

I’m certainly not quite used to “script/generate …” which seems to frequent the rails world of newbie examples. It does get a hell of a lot done for you, but I sort of feel like I’m missing the boat on what’s actually happening and what the defaults/conventions of rails are. Just working through it, I guess, is the best way to learn.

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One thought on “Ah! so that’s what happened…

  1. Yes… many things are not 2.x compatible yet. The good news is you can run multiple versions of rails and specify the version in the config file.
    scipt/generate will need to become your friend as this is the easiest way to build scaffolding for almost anything. If you’re looking for dynamic scaffolding, I’ve been using ActiveScaffold. I also looked at stramlined. Both are nice and offer really “slick” crud prototyping for a website. overrides are straightforward too. As far as understanding what is exactly happening under the hood… you’re right. It’s voodoo magic until you start creating your own scaffold generators for your frequent tasks.
    This concept would actually prove really helpful in the TEA world. Imagine using ‘script/generate globalReg’. Or even better– ‘gems Helium’.- but I digress.


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