Karen’s off to Penland, NC

Karen’s getting set to head to Penland, NC to the Appalachians for the next eight weeks. Based on what I saw in Google Maps, it’s pretty much right in the Appalachian mountains, which I expect means that it’s got some incredible beauty around it. I’m taking her to the airport this evening, and then it’ll be a while before we see each other again. Well – at least until she gets settled enough to fire up iChat.

She’s taking an 8 week intensive master art class from world renowned bead artist David Chatt, who ironically normally lives in Seattle. He is starting a 3 year residency at Penland to set up a fine art studio out there. As far as I see it, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity – so we’re making it happen.

The downside is that lots of people keep asking me (and many are asking the same question about me to Karen) “What are you going to do while she’s gone?” Come on folks, I’m not entirely incompetent!

I’ll undoubtably each healthy, exercise daily, go to work, and of course be a model community citizen! The reports of wild parties, drunken spectacles, amazing new home theatre setups, and all new furniture in the house are entirely unfounded.

Ok… so maybe it’ll be somewhere in between. Pretty much like it is when she’s here I expect.

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