screencasting with ScreenFlow and VMware Fusion

I’ve decided to take a page from some of the open source goodies I’ve seen and start using screen-casting as a means of documenting and explaining some things at work.

Most of what I do at work happens on Windows though – so I’ve arranged an interesting setup. I have ScreenFlow capturing my desktop while I’m running Windows XP within VMWare Fusion. That works incredibly well, along with ScreenFlow’s “crop screen” feature, to narrow down the focus to exactly what I’m trying to show.

I do rather wish they exported to flash video (like Camtasia) but that isn’t a show stopper for me. ScreenFlow is 1/3 the price, works on the platform of MY choice, and has a bunch of incredible features that I haven’t even started to touch.

In fact, I’m working up some simple “This is how to use…” videos for ReviewBoard to go along with a presentation I’m going to be making about it next week. I’d love to share the videos, but unfortunately that’s showing way more work details than I think my company would be happy with me sharing.

I bought the license for ScreenFlow myself though… so maybe I’ll start screen-casting some other interesting tidbits.

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