madhouse chili

The house may soon be uninhabitable – I decided that today was the day to start making what I’ll call “madhouse chili”. I’m labeling it “madhouse” because it’s kinda crazy. It’s a super-messed up version of chili con carne with three different beans tossed in. If my eyes are correct on the sizing, the amount being created may well last me through a good seven meals.

It is, without a doubt, the kind of chili that I couldn’t make for Karen. She hates beans. I don’t. Hence the uninhabitable remark…

Oh – and the rules for my madhouse chili:

  1. there is no such thing as too much garlic.
  2. beans are tasty
  3. meat is good
  4. chili peppers are yummy
  5. BAKON!

This will be good!

ps: thank god for crock pots and slow cookin’!

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4 thoughts on “madhouse chili

  1. My secret, esp for the crockpot, is to put three whole jalapenos in. Make sure you don’t pierce the skin since that will release the oils that make things hot. It makes it very savory without being hot (I usually make it for the game group). Plus you can eat the peppers if you like hot after.


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