madhouse failure

I haven’t posted again about the madhouse chili because, well – frankly, I screwed it up. It was bad to the point of pitching out the whole batch.

I got the ingredients to have another go, and this time I’m planning things a bit more. The failure mode was overcooking. The aroma was good, but the flavor had leeched a bit, and worst of all – the meat had been cooked to the point where I had this terrible chalky flavor and texture across the whole batch. It was teh suck. It was also the excuse for some pizza this past weekend.

So I’ve got another chunk of meat, more BAKON!, garlic (OF COURSE!), and other goodies (namely 3 kinds of beans) – so I’m ready to tackle round two. I’m not sure which evening or morning I’ll start the process though, because it’s shaping up to be a busy week, but it’s in the plan.

And if I screw this one up, I’ll never admit it.

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