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It’s hard to write about what you’ve been doing when most of the time it’s been involved with an SDK from Apple that’s buried under an NDA agreement.

So… I’m not dead – I’ve just been head’s down with coding. I’ve found a few bugs, filed quite a pile (mostly enhancement requests), and have written a pile of toy programs trying out the new pieces and parts available.

The two bugs that top my list are (not surprisingly) duplicates. radr://problem/5789981 is so obvious… a forum for discussing NDA products where developers can share notes on what they’ve got working and what they don’t. It’s surprisingly frustrating to not be sure if you’re just missing something or if there’s an actual issue that others have run into. That’s the original bug number, by the way – not my bug report for this “issue” with the SDK.

The other is a crashing problem with the development environment. radr://problem/5795236 is apparently the master issue – I guess several folks have been talking about this issue on forums and such. It’s annoying, but hey – it’s beta software.

Without getting into specifics, the SDK is clearly got some serious traction and attention. It is a wonderful bit of code made available, and one of the easiest mechanisms I’ve ever experienced for getting code onto a mobile device. Granted my other experience is hacking in linux and related software on to an HP iPAQ handheld at a previous job – it involved an unholy combinations of tftp, very specific network settings, and carefully timed physical buttons presses.

The folks who’ve been working on this project have done an incredible, bang-up job with it. I’m really looking forward to the next steps in the beta program, and the additional pieces and tweaks that come along.

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  1. hello! it looks like u really kno wat ur doin. u im assuming u kno how to code for the iPhone and everything. im so fascinated by the iPhone’s potential that i’m almost bought into learning how to code for it. could u offer me advice, direct me to a manual/book, or anything that could possibly jump-start my coding journey?


  2. Hi Russ,

    I’d recommend that you get signed up with the Apple Development site ( and start reading some of the guides from there. If you already know some programming, and are just new to Objective-C and the associated libraries, I’d recommend starting with the Cocoa Fundamentals document that Apple publishes. It’s an exceptional overview, and much of what you’ll learn in that document applies directly to programming on the iPhone.


  3. hello again! i actually am signed up with the site. i’ve downloaded their whole “iPhone Getting Started Videos” bundle, which seem to tell how to manage making a program for the iPhone. i have only watched one so far tho, so i cannot tell exactly how informative the clips are. the downer is that i am brand new to coding (esp Objective-C. i’ve done HTML coding, but nothing with a C). is Objective-C easy to learn? is it something one could teach another by typing a “key” or is it a complex concept involving experience and studying? if its complex but can b learned from a source, is there a specific source you recommend? thank u for your time; i greatly appreciate it 🙂


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