My summer haircut… wait’n for Vegas

Okay – so this is mostly for the family. I think you guys will enjoy it.

Last weekend I went and got my haircut. I then immediately became very ill and spent all of last week at home sick. It was unfortunate and unhappy and all the rot, but I’m on the mend. The doc gave me some antibiotics because of a lingering congestion and no doubt ear/sinus infection.

Since Karen hasn’t seen me in weeks, I thought she might enjoy a picture of my “new do”. Of course just taking a picture would be boring, so I played around with photo booth and ultimately sent her this picture, which I think she found amusing. “That’s my joe!” was her comment.

Photo 6.jpg

So with the haircut, an arctic low front also came and sat over the whole of puget sound. Gus even had snow (quite a bit, actually)! We saw some hail here on Queen Anne, but mostly it’s just been darned chilly. Like 40 degrees – every day. Needless to say, my “summer” planning was a bit ill timed.

Only I’m going to make that up this weekend, when I’m attending “B4”. B4 is a once-in-a-lifetime conference held in Las Vegas – it had various meanings as we were coming up to it, but really it’s Brent’s 40th Birthday Party – spread out over a weekend. I’ve heard that the temperature is supposed to be up to 90 degrees there, so I expect that I’ll be staying inside – but at least my haircut will have finally been validated with the heat! I’m not really sure what to expect from Brent’s party weekend, but I’m staying at the Paris and sharing a room with Gus – and I’m on antibiotics, so that should keep me from anything too terrible. Now as most of you know, I suck at gambling – so that’s going to be strictly limited. No sense just throwing the money away I guess, but I do intend to check out the buffet’s and follow the merry B4 crowd about the evenings. Who knows – I may not even see daylight if this goes like one of our very late night XCoder’s after-meetings. Yeah – Mac Programmer Geeks on the loose – look out. Not everyone there is a Mac Programmer Geek – Sheila (Brent’s wife) is reputed to even be planning for “heels and dresses!”.

So with that I’m sleeping a lot this week, and not doing much else – not even iPhone development right now. Getting better, so I can waste it all away this weekend, is the entire plan for the week. Sounds good, eh?

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  1. Yeah, periodically. Not so much as some times – it’s not a terribly frequent haunt, but they still know me on site. They liked the haircut too. πŸ™‚


  2. I guess I forgot to tell you that getting a short hair cut brings bad weather–rather like washing your car brings rain. Sorry about that but glad you are on the mend. Have fun…..


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