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Word is that the a version of the code review tool that Google uses internally (called Mondrian) on the Google App Engine – called Code Review. I remember first seeing the Google tech talk on Mondrian and thinking that was pretty cool – then later hearing about ReviewBoard on the Django users mailing list.

I’ve since starting using ReviewBoard (and even contributed a few bits back) and have been very pleased with it. I’m curious to dig into what Code Review offers in comparison, but I already know that I’ll continue using ReviewBoard. For one thing, my office wouldn’t take kindly to code and code reviews happening beyond the constrains of the fire wall. But I am seriously jazzed about Code Review in the hopes that it’s very easy to set up. If it’s an easy, low/no-cost solution for open source code… well, that’d be pretty damn cool. ReviewBoard, for all it’s goodness, can take some time and effort to completely install.

UPDATE: Since I wrote about this, I found the Google project that Guido has used to make (and now share) CodeReview – the project is rietveld. Guido mentions that it’s meant to showcase how to do a webapp using Django templating and views with the Google Application Engine.

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  1. Like you I enjoyed the presentation on Mondrian and was excited to see the release of Code Review. One liability it has compared to Code Review is that it’s been beaten with the Google Ugly Stick. But fixing that will be a Mere Matter of Designing, right?


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