I blew the day playing video games – well, a video game, to be precise. Haven’t done that in quite a while. I rented a copy of the (current) ultimate bad-boy game: Grand Theft Auto IV.

The funny thing about the game is that it reminds me of a completely up-to-date and midnight-black clone of “Ultima“. In GTA IV, the character story progresses very nicely and interestingly – and the main character (which you play) is a cold blooded killer. It’s exactly opposite in Ultima in that – in Ultima, you strove for what amounted to positive ideals. In GTA IV, I’m not sure you’re really striving for any ideals. It’s similar to Ultima in that the whole area is a huge playground and you can go anywhere in it.

It’s without a doubt a dark game – and extremely well done. I’ve got the rental for another night, but I may stop here – at least for a while. I think Karen’s heard enough screaming, cussing, shooting, and car wrecks for a while.

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