Mentally, I’m already on the plane…

With WWDC 2008 right around the corner, I’m mentally already on the plane.

Aside from a few niggling details (like thinking I need to get laundry done tomorrow…) I’m focused on next week. Coordinating with a few folks – exchanging cell #’s, coordinating some times to head to the keynote, and double checking the planning for the social events in the evenings.

While I’ve got a pretty iPhone heavy focus right now, I’m also looking forward to seeing what happens with rumors of Snow Leopard and the next rev of MacOS X. I do hope it’s primarily a performance, tuning release – I really loved the early days of Mac OS X where every release made my machine feel *faster*.

Most importantly, I think I’ve got SeattleBus to the point where I can really get some useful information from the labs. I’ll have it with me on an iPod touch (not that it’ll be that useful in San Francisco). I’ve got some UI components that I’m not happy with, so I’m looking forward to getting some sage advice (from my compadre’s there as well Apple engineers) on how I might want to tweak things up.

I’ll also be hooking up with some fellow Disney employees down there. I’d love to babble more about what they’ve been working on, but that’s quite verbotten, so I’ll have to refrain. It’ll be cool hooking up with them and getting the latest and greatest.

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