WWDC keynote … coming on iTunes

Apple’s definitely getting prepped up this year. The WWDC keynote link on iTunes is available (found at iLounge). I expect that sometime around Monday Noon, that subscription list will include the WWDC keynote and whatever details they’re announcing.

In this morning’s “waiting for the next load of laundry so I’ll check my RSS feeds” reading Mark Bessey wrote about looking forward to WWDC 2008 – this time NOT as an Apple employee. I think the following paragraph best sums up my continuing interest in the OS X platform:

More interesting to me is that Apple has really started to embrace having a single platform that supports multiple kinds of products. I wrote a whole blog post on that subject a while back, but the fact that Apple can now get a microprocessor for $10 or so that’ll run OS X means that they can aggressively move into whatever new kinds of products they want, based on variations of the new iPhone platform. It’s an exciting time to be a developer for Apple’s platform.

OS X on a $10 chip. Granted that’s not typically in the hacker range (look to the Arduino for some fun there), but it definitely reflects a breaking barrier point where the cost of putting in more serious compute to devices is here. I think it’s also clear that we’re seeing the initial serious stabs into a new realm of user interfaces with touch. Voice remains a bit of a dream, but slowly computers are becoming more and more invisible.

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