1st generation MacBook Pro

I bought a first generation MacBook Pro a few years ago. I’ve been very happy with it, but there’s a little quirk of that system that’s really starting to bug me.

That quirk is the almost anything ported with the transgaming engine won’t run on it. For whatever reason, the transgaming engine wants to see a Core 2 Duo processor under the hook, not the Core Duo. Specifically, it’s bitten me in trying to run the Mac “native” EVE client, and more recently the Spore Creature Creator.

It’s one of those things that feels “just slightly off”, like you’re walking to the bus stop and you see the bus go by while you’re waiting for the walk signal to change – knowing you can’t make it in time. Except that it’s worse, in that with the laptop’s process it’s not like it’s going to get better. That’s just really not an interchangeable part.

At least Karen’s MacBook Pro has a Core 2 Duo processor…

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2 thoughts on “1st generation MacBook Pro

  1. If you’re interested, I have a 3 month old 2nd gen MBP (Penryn, 2.4GHz, 160GB HD, 4GB RAM) that I’m interested in selling. Hit me up via email if you have an interest.



  2. Odd, my Rev. A (2.0GHz CD, 2GB, 256MB ATi) ran the Spore Creature Creator just fine. Really had no idea it was even using the Cider engine and was super playable at 1280×720 with everything at medium.

    Try a new user account or fresh install?


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