I signed up with Launchpad today – don’t know why I hadn’t really done it earlier, other than I just didn’t think to or have any projects that drove me there. The project du jour that lured me in was Graphite – a distributed high-performance monitoring solution written in python (and apparently using Django as well!).

(I haven’t tried Graphite yet, but the screenshots looked pretty nice – so I might be doing so to see what it’s all about.)

LaunchPad is Ubuntu/Canonical’s code hosting platform – similar to Google Code or Sourceforge in concept. They use Bzr for their source control, which is a tad odd to me – I’m more in the mercurial camp of any decentralized SCM – but their web site is really first class. They’ve got a nice system and setup – simple, somewhat bold iconography, obvious components to projects, and a clean look. As a place to encourage project and community participation, I admit that I was immediately drawn in. My own project (languishing at the moment) on Google Code (django queue service) has an interface that feels positively stark in contrast.

I’m not going to move anything over, but I suspect I will pay more attention to the LaunchPad setup going into the future.

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  1. For me, it’s not any detailed examination of features that have been a difference so much as knowledge of one system already. I happened to have gone down the road of Mercurial based on the recommendations of some friends, and since then haven’t really tried to go work with other distributed SCM’s (be it Git or Bazaar). I’ve heard a lot of positive things about both, and a lot of folks I respect technically use each of Mercurial, Git, and Bazaar.


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