Pictures of the flood – Burlington, IA

My family is from Burlington, IA. I grew up in St. Louis, but there were a lot of summers and weekends up in Burlington, which is basically farm country next to the Mississippi. Every year, the Mississippi would flood to the levee’s – my family had a cabin on the other side – and I recall the look of the place with the cracked river mud that had been deposited there anywhere from an inch to a foot deep.

The occasional year, it would flood even higher, and the town of Burlington would feel the flood waters creeping into it’s down town area. The first few streets were the ones that got it the most. This year is another one of those years. My grandmother (Lela Pietzsch) sent me some photos taken from the air of this year’s flooding – figured I’d share them.

Burlington 2

Burlington 1

Big Muddy's The last is a restaurant – named “Big Muddy’s” after the floods that have been in it. I’m sure they’ll have a new line inside now too… They make a pretty mean fried caffish.

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