Spent the week in Burbank…

I’ve spent this past week in LA – Burbank I think most specifically, but I get confused on what’s burbank, glendale, the “greater LA area” and all that stuff. I think of it all pretty much as “North Hollywood”, which apparently annoys some of the locals who have finer grained definitions. Not quite sure what those definitions are, because I sure can’t see a visual one. 

I’ve been working with some great folks at the Disney Tower in Disney’s mobile unit, not very far from the Studio Lot. Even got over there to go shopping at the company store, but not surprisingly all the interesting WELL-E goods were already gone. I’ll tell ya though, it seems like there’s a WALL-E game for every platform known to man though.

I was kind of hoping to find one of those little posable action-figure WALL-E things. There’s quite an number of animated toys available (none here, of course – they’re all sold out) that are really interesting. One was running around the office yesterday afternoon, which was pretty amusing.

I got a lot good coding done down here. The project will continue on a while – this week was an intensive get sync’d up and some design sessions. I think I’m most excited simply by the prospect that I might have something at Disney where you’ll see my name attached to some credits. Most of the time, I’m doing doing internet plumbing – you pretty much don’t see anyone’s names involved with that.

One thought on “Spent the week in Burbank…

  1. Burbank is it’s own city with it’s own mayor, schools, police force and library system. North Hollywood is simply a suburb of Los Angeles, and part of the LA unified system.


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