SeattleBus will be available for the iPhone 2.0 launch!

I was very excited tonight to receive the notification that SeattleBus passed the Apple review process and it’s status has changed to Ready for Sale! I’m going to have one of lord-knows-how-many applications in the AppStore for the first day of the iPhone 2.0 launch!

So if you’re in Seattle and take public transportation – check out the application. I’ve got some ideas to beef up the web site for SeattleBus – everything from a Frequently Asked Questions page to a description of some of the specifics of what’s happening under the covers. I do have screenshots up on the site now – so you can see what it shows you when you’re looking for Seattle Metro transit arrival times and searching for that stop you just walked up to.

I’ve been puttering up with a second iPhone application (this one for free) that I’m calling “Tips” to calculate tips based on the bill that a restaurant gives you. Another one of those “I’ve gotta have it” apps because I completely and absolutely stink at doing that math in my head. I have the basic functionality all set (it’s not exactly hard…) – but I’m not happy with the design and layout of the application quite yet. Once I’m done with Tips, I’ll either hop on a set of requests that Mom has made for applications to go on her iPod Touch or I’ll start putting some serious effort behind version 1.1 of SeattleBus.

I suspect the “requests from Mom” will likely win out. So far, she’s asked for:

  • A commission calculator (not far off from a Tips calculator, huh?)
  • the Bubble level thing in the Apple example code (surely SOMEONE will have put that out there for free…)
  • an artist’s composition grid – for viewing images downloaded onto her iPod while she’s painting away at them

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3 thoughts on “SeattleBus will be available for the iPhone 2.0 launch!

  1. I’m with your Mom … Can you put the Bubble level up? That was the first app I wanted and I can’t find it anywhere in the app store. Thanks for considering it!


  2. how long does it take to go from Ready for Sale to appearing in the catalog? (mine is 2 days so far)


  3. Mine was about 12 hours – but I’m sure they’ve got an incredible backlog too. I made sure to get SeattleBus in early before the deadline, and that seems to have made quite a bit of difference. I suspect I got in just before the crush.


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