SeattleBus Diary: update is “Pending Review”

Excellent news!

I’ve managed to finally upload an “accepted” copy of the SeattleBus 1.0.2 binary! That puts it into Apple’s application review queue, which means it will hopefully be available to everyone by the end of the week or early next week. Apple doesn’t provide any guarantees on review times, but I’m hopeful.

The problem did indeed turn out to be on my end. The code signing process can fail in silent and annoying ways that are damn near impossible to figure out on your own. Fortunately, I received some great help from Apple early this week and they helped me narrow down the problem.

I’ve filed a bug against Xcode for it not warning about the problem (radar 6095242). When the NDA is lifted, I’ll post more details about the specific issue, so that hopefully others will be able to find out how to resolve it

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4 thoughts on “SeattleBus Diary: update is “Pending Review”

  1. Hi – Any chance you can let me know how you got around this issue in the end, now that the NDA is being lifted?



  2. Absolutely!

    The gist of the problem is that I didn’t end up having the file “.mobileprovision” in my bundle. The reason that didn’t exist is that I was referencing a provisioning certificate that had been (on my part) accidentally configured for a release build. When that provisioning file didn’t exist, XCode silently ignored it and went on – for all purposes looking like it made a normal release build. When I uploaded it, the result was the “this isn’t valid” error from Apple’s system, but no other information.

    I finally had someone pressure me to review the final builds steps in all configurations, where I found the offending critter and removing that config from XCode. It’s been fine ever since. The bug I filed was that XCode failed without even a warning. That was a couple of revisions ago now, but I haven’t looked/tested to see if it’s fixed in the latest release.


  3. Hi, I am kind of a noob. I just tried to upload my first app but know nothing about programming, i made it in Unity. Anyway, when I zip the app, do I just zip the one application file with the icon or do I zip the build folder?


    1. Hey Kevin,

      I actually don’t know anything about Unity and how it’s set up, but if you’re uploading an Application created with Xcode, then you just want to zip the application in the build folder, not the whole build folder.


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