OSCON 2008 wrap-up, back in Seattle

OSCON 2008 wrapped up very nicely last week. I spent friday evening lurking about Portland a bit with Karen, but to be honest we crashed out pretty early. Saturday at 8:30am we were scheduled to take the Amtrack Cascades 500 back to Seattle. It unfortunately didn’t get out of Portland until nearly 11am due to a “pedestrian being struck by a freight train” on the main lines south of Portland, and a cargo derailment north of Portland. It was a very delayed, but quite comfortable, trip home. I’ve been a hell of a lot later, and way more uncomfortable, coming home from Las Vegas…

Back to OSCON for a minute – there is now Video of the keynotes available, and many of the presentation files are also online. If you’re going to watch any of the online video, I recommend r0ml’s keynote presentation: embrace error. He’s amusing and insightful, and I really get a kick out of his sense of humor.

I think the talk that merits to biggest mention is Beyond REST? Building Data Services with XMPP PubSub. It was a great presentation, and seemed to sum up a lot of the thoughts of folks around the conference. There was a definite eye to the future of computing in regards to scaling – across cores and clouds both.

Back from Portland, Karen and I pretty much holed up for the weekend. I’m just getting back into the swing of things today, although Karen’s about to shift out again and head to Missouri. She’ll be visiting for the weekend, returning Saturday with (hopefully!) my nephew Sam to come visit and attend ZooCamp. Is the house really prepared for a 7 year old? heh… no. This’ll be something, eh? I’m really looking forward to having him out here!

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