SeattleBus Diary: 1.0.2 available

I just received notification that the SeattleBus 1.0.2 update has been reviewed and is now available on the iTunes Store. Hopefully everyone will be seeing it as an available update within the next 24 hours.

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5 thoughts on “SeattleBus Diary: 1.0.2 available

  1. Hi Joe,

    as someone who is eagerly awaiting approval of my first app (nothing as exciting as yours – just a simple unit converter), could you tell me: how long did it take for your status to go from “in review” to “approved”?

    I submitted 3 days ago, and my status remains unchanged – and it’s driving me nuts!

    cheers from Australia,



  2. Hey Dunk,

    This last round (the update) took 7 days to get approved. I submitted it last tuesday afternoon (around 1pm PST) and received the approval notice last night (tuesday, a week later) at 9pm.


  3. Great app. Hope you keep upgrading it. I’m sure you’ve thought of most possibilities, how about allowing us to favorite just one stop, one bus, one direction? That’s 90% of what I need, just to and from

    These tiny virtual keypads are tough. What are the colors in the number of minutes? Maybe a page of the details on your web page would be handy reference for those of us who like to read the manual.


  4. Exactly john. When I plugged in a stop that has more than one bus, as well as north and south of the same route, I end up having to scroll down and look around for the right bus to compare.

    And I still haven’t figured out what the color coding is.

    Joe. I am a customer of yours and my feedback is the above. Write a help/manual page and implement more filtering for a “favorite” such that it isn’t just an entire listing for a stop.

    Once upon a time the guys in charge of wrote to you in your blog. They’ve since made a pretty snazzy iphone version of that webpage that can be bookmarked. Talk with them. They do it for free (currently) and would probably love to help make the app better.


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