Karen and Sam, incoming…

According to a handy-dandy flight tracker (with ads, of course), Karen and Sam have just passed Sioux Falls, South Dakota as I write this. Sam’s coming out to visit for the next two weeks – the first alone with us (HAHAHAHA!) and then his Dad is coming out to join us for another week. I’m looking forward to seeing Sam quite a bit – and looking forward to when more of the kids can come out to “visit” some time in the future. No plans there yet, just sort of an abstract “that would be neat!” sort of thing. Of Course, maybe this week will cure me of that idea… I kind of doubt it though.

We’ve got all sorts of plans – or more appropriately I should say Karen has all sorts of plans for Sam (and Dan) while they’re out here. I’m not entirely an innocent bystander, but I’m not into the planning thing as much – I’d be just as happy with randomly dragging them off into directions unknown and seeing what we can find and see. I think we’ve got at least one long weekend in the works with a trip over to the Peninsula.

Last time we took Sam over that way, he ended up dropping his butt into the 50 degree surf at Dungeness Bay (yeah, same place where they get those crabs). I recall that he learned that drying saltwater itches terribly and that he didn’t seem terribly phased by the fact that 50 degree saltwater is damn cold. Of course we didn’t think to have a change of clothes on hand for him… so we also learned where the nearest Walmart was in that area. Take that as a starter, see what you think he’ll end up learning this time. 🙂

For the week that he’s here without Dan, Karen’s enrolled him in ZooCamp. It’s a day camp up at Woodland Park Zoo and the course is titled “Animal Olympians”. Hopefully it’s the kind of thing that Sam will really enjoy. Anyway, I expect that’ll keep him at least somewhat busy during the day while I’m at work. Well, I’m off to play a video game with some significant violence in it for a while now – it’ll likely be a while before I can do that again…

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