Vienna Teng at the TripleDoor in Seattle

Vienna Teng (史逸欣) played this evening at the TripleDoor in Seattle. When I first heard about it, I tried to get tickets, but all the normal seats were sold out (this was tuesday – basically right after we got back from visiting Oregon for Labor Day weekend). I hopped down there this evening a 5:30 to get a “standing room” ticket, walked away knowing I’d at least get the see the show. At 15 past the opening of the show, the TripleDoor opens any non-claimed seats to the standing room folks and I really lucked out.

I managed to get a seat right at the stage, slightly to the left. I took a couple of pics with the iPhone, but mostly I was pretty engaged just listening. The picture below is from the middle of her set where she was singing a song in mandarin (I believe it was the Green Island Serenade) a cappella. Most of the reset of the show she was accompanied by Dina Macabee (violinist), Marika Hughes (chellist), and Alex Wong (percussion and all the really “odd” instruments).

Vienna Teng playing at the TripleDoor in Seattle

It was a great show, and I’m really glad I managed to get into it, let alone slip into that great seat.

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