6 hours with Spore

Spore’s out… I got it around noon… and now I’m taking a break to write a bit about it. Hey – wha’dya expect? Me to wait for Christmas or something? Not a chance.

I’ve played into the first “three” stages of the game. I’m giving it break now that I “evolved” my critters to the tribal stage. The game plays really easily, but has quite a bit of hidden complexity for all that ease – and that’s really just the first couple of “stages” that I’ve played to date. For all that I’ve “raced through” the first two stages, I could easily so going back and replaying those many times again.

The game itself is a little sluggish in the 3D action on Karen’s laptop (mine’s a 1st gen intel macbook – won’t even play the game). I don’t know if that’s Karen’s laptop or if the “translation” to Mac is just a bit more sluggish than a PC. It’s kicking around a lot of processing (the fans were on the entire game) and at times can be kicking out a LOT of pixels.

So far I seem to have evolved a very carnivorous and quite anti-social flying baracuda with claws. Looking back through my critter’s evolution, I could easily see an amusement in just watching whatever someone else manages to do in that respect. The spore site includes an RSS feed of the creatures you create – mine is http://www.spore.com/atom/buddy/rhonabwy/assets.


I expect I’ll be playing it and ignoring the rest of the world for quite a bit more in the next while…

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