15 years

Tomorrow is a very special day. And no, this isn’t about to become a Rudy Giuliani moment…

Tomorrow is Karen and my 15th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years – half of which have now been spent in Seattle. 15 years ago we were married on “homecoming weekend” (ill planned at that) at Calvary Episcopal Church in Columbia, MO.

We were married by Mother Tamsen, a then quite pregnant priest (of the Episcopal faith, seein’ how we were in an Episcopal church). The ceremony was awesome and based off the New Zealand Book of Prayer. I don’t know where Mother Tamsen is these days, but I hope she’s doing as well as Karen and I.

We didn’t get married in that church because we attended services there (although I’d been to some – along with a lot of other churches in that town), but because I love the look of the building. It’s a beautiful rough hewn white (probably indiana) limestone building. It’s really a small church, especially compared to the monster Methodist thing a block down the street ( I thought the Methodist church was kind of monster in a lot of ways, but mostly due to the parishioners there), but it’s beautiful. Dark carved hardwoods in a fairly spartan interior. It wasn’t a “modern episcopal” church in any sense. It was pretty old fashioned, and exactly what I wanted.

Mother Tamsen was actually the surprise gem of the whole deal. She was practical, sane, understanding, and very forth-right. All of which I can’t speak highly enough to. I’m not going to give her credit for getting Karen and I off on the right foot entirely though – there was a lot of work over the years on that road, but I do remember and appreciate some of her more sage advice tidbits.

We celebrated a touch early – tonight – with a great dinner at Atlas Foods, some drinks (I’m becoming quite fond of “malbec” wines from Argentina), and a very amusing romp through Barnes and Noble at U Village. Tomorrow we’ve plans in the morning for breakfast at the Crumpet Shop, and who knows from there.

And yes, for any of you local Mac geeks reading, I’ll still be coming to our Xcoder’s meeting tommorow night at Google/Fremont. Can’t wait to meet Amit Singh and hear what he has to say…

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