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The role playing game Traveller looks like it’s got a new run on things. I found an updated copy at Barnes and Noble (on a lark) from a group called Mongoose Publishing, copyright 2008. And yeah, I bought it.

The original was published 31 years ago, and this looks like a slightly updated version of the original game. I haven’t even really played any RPG’s since we moved to Seattle (well, except for the ones on the computer, but that’s a bit different). Traveller was one of my favorites – I collected insane amounts of bits and pieces about it. I even built out an extensive website I called the Missouri Archive quite a while ago (it’s still there – I keep it “live” as an archive, but it’s not getting any updates).

Quite a blast from the past. I’m going to enjoy reading through the “updated” rules.

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4 thoughts on “Traveller RPG

  1. Traveller is quite well travelled lately, bouncing between publishers, different editions, even a series of GURPs modules. I’m a big fan of T:TNE – ya know – the Imperium gets wiped out by a nasty computer virus (yeah yeah I know) and the players are trying to pick up the pieces.

    If you were ever a D&D player pick up the new 4th edition. It is REALLY interesting what they’ve done to the rules. While it isn’t quite the same game any more it is really interesting to me to see how D&D has transformed so much over the decades.


  2. I enjoyed the T:TNE quite a bit too. Some of the game mechanics were a bit too easy to min/max (I played with several “lawyers”), which reduced some of the fun for me – but it was a compelling back story.

    I’d heard the that D&D was a whole new game again – saw it the shelves, but haven’t picked it up to see what’s happened.


  3. No – but last I read (wikipedia) – the T5 was being delayed and then would be published in conjunction with “Mongoose Publishing”. I rather assumed what was just released is T5 or some variation on the theme.


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