breaking the favorites with SeattleBus 1.1


I missed something in my testing, because when I upgraded my copy of Seattle Bus to version 1.1 (now available in the AppStore), my favorites were all switched around to stops I didn’t recognize. Damnit.

It’s easy enough to reset, but I’m very annoyed that I missed that bug. I expect a lot of you will be too.

I updated the description in the AppStore so that folks upgrading will at least have a chance of knowing about the breakage before it hits them. Since I don’t have any other means (aside from this blog) of contacting my customers directly, that’s all I could think of doing. Well, and writing this entry.

I think it’s still very worth updating for the other features. This update also happens to have an updated bus stop database associated with it, and it’s the code that “upgrades” your database with the new information that’s obviously flawed. I even explicitly tested that functionality, but clearly I missed something too.

My apologies to all of you for breaking your favorites!

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