Version 1.1.1 uploaded

Seattle Bus version 1.1 took 12 days to clear through the App Store review process. All that and I had a really, incredibly stupid bug in it that basically screws up your favorites when you upgrade.

Pretty much a one-liner typo “looks right” until you realize it isn’t bug. I’ve got it fixed in version 1.1.1 – in fact, that’s pretty much the only thing in version 1.1.1. I fixed the bug and uploaded it to the App Store to put it into review.

If you haven’t upgraded from 1.0.2 or earlier to version 1.1, then consider waiting for this update to clear. If the timing is the same, it’ll be available roughly October 8th. I’m afraid I don’t have any control over how fast it moves through the App Store approval process, so hopefully sooner and not later.

It’s one of the sides of the App Store/sales channel setup that I really wish I could change. If I was delivering this application myself, then that update would be out right now and damage limited to the few folks who upgraded in the past 8 or so hours that the broken update was available. At this point, I’ll have to guess a large number of folks will get the 1.1 update/upgrade before I can get out a properly fixed version. I’ve got a good sense of how many customers I have – so I’ll keep track. I hope it’s a low number, but I fear it won’t be.

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