Head cold

Ah, the season.

I’d watched coworkers taking days off the past week or two, some of them coming back probably before they were really ready to. There’s been a head-cold, flu, or whatever floating about the office. Karen was even down with a cold a week ago.

I thought I’d managed to avoid it. Early this year was particularly hard on me – I caught 3 nasty “take you down for a week” things, and I’ve been working hard to keep up on proper vitamins, eating well, getting sleep, exercising. I thought I’d managed to kick this one and skip by. Ah, well – apparently not. Friday afternoon I started getting the sneezes.. they lasted well into Sunday. I definitely caught it.

I stayed home from work today as well. I slept most of the morning, but I’m feeling awake and pretty good now. Still a little stuffed up, but I’m not voraciously sneezing and my throat isn’t swollen anymore. Gettin’ better I guess.

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