NDA backlog

Since the NDA has been, or is in, the process of being lifted, I thought it was high time to post some of those blog notes that I’ve scribbled down in the past while I’ve been working on Seattle Bus. I don’t think there’s anything truly dramatic there, but if you’re curious why I published four blog posts in 4 minutes – well, that’s why.

It’s still awkward that cocoa-dev, my reliable standby for years, hasn’t got itself new rules for dealing with iPhone discussions. At this point, the discussions have forked and there’s mailing lists, web forums, and whatnot scattered all over the place. I think it’ll take a while for the information sources to re-converge, in my opinion a bit of lasting damage from the extended NDA weirdness that Apple decided to keep rolling.

I’ve been periodically replying to an iphone SDK list on google groups, but I’m seriously thinking of unsubscribing there. It is unfortunately full of folks asking questions without apparently even having begun to read the documentation. I haven’t started replying with How to ask a smart question, but I’m getting ready to…

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