Disney’s Fairies Fly – iPhone Game

I’m very pleased to see Disney’s Fairies Fly (iPhone/iPod Touch game) available on iTunes. While you won’t find my name in any credits on the application, I was responsible for the underpinning of some of it – one of the few things that I’ve done within Disney that isn’t “just plumbing”.

The game is $4.99 on the iTunes store – a “side scroller” where you fly one of several fairies around collecting some bits and avoiding others. I didn’t work on the game engine (done in OpenGL) – I put together the menus and animation all around the game system, up until I had to hand it off because I ran out of time to spend on a “summer project” outside of my normal areas of responsibility at work.

I’m really pleased with the polish and effect that went into the game – the crew developing the application went to great lengths to make sure the artwork was first class, including the renders of the fairies flying about. I think it’s really going to set a new bar on the quality of artwork and production values for some of the games.

I’m sorry that some of my hardest work didn’t make the cut – there was more animation with the fairies floating about – but the memory constraints on the device made adding that animation set (and the associated memory needed to do it in Core Animation) just too much and led to instability in the game.

A huge congrats to my friends and coworkers at mDisney (the group that incited this project and ran it through to completion) for a great launch and a great app that’s climbing the ranks of iPhone games (as I write this, it’s up to 81 of 100, from 93 of 100 last night).

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  1. That’s very cool! And from inside Disney huh? Interesting 🙂

    Dan (<- animation side of the Disney corp.)


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