Snow days in Seattle

Mountain hemlock

It’s two snow days in a row in Seattle for me. Yesterday was a no brainer – it was coming down like crazy. Today I thought I might be going in, but the truth of Seattle is that we’re just not prepared to deal with snow. Our 50 plows are out doing the main roads, but we just never have quite enough to deal with snow that actually sticks around (normally the temp goes back above freezing and we loose almost all the ice and snow within 24-48 hours). Not sure that’ll happen this time – with more expected snow coming in tomorrow.

So I’m online at home, IM activated, checking email, catching up on reading some documents that I probably should have read weeks ago, etc. It’s definitely odd coming back from a 10 day vacation at DisneyWorld in Florida to being snowed in for a few days.

It’s a pretty good opportunity to update some documentation for systems at work, so I’m making the most of these days. I walked to the grocery yesterday and stocked up on a few items, so we’re doing fine for food. Have a huge muge of tea sitting here with me too… fairly prepared for the day.

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