Christmas Tree

It’s started snowing again here in Seattle. Flurries right now, clearly building up a bit. Karen pushed me out of the house at 2pm we headed down to the Christmas Tree lot that the Queen Anne Help Line runs… they run a Christmas Tree sales thing in the parking lot of the Safeway on Queen Anne, and we get our trees from them. It’s a good cause and it’s close – benefits all around.

Bringing home a Christmas Tree

We borrowed a sled from our neighbor – the car is still encased in snow and ice, and I didn’t really want to pull it out just for this. It’s not often you get to bring home a Christmas Tree on a sled, let alone in Seattle – so we didn’t pass up the chance. Karen’s still fighting the end of a nasty head cold, so I did the “work” – the only real work was avoiding drivers without tipping off the tree.

Hauling the tree home was pretty straightforward – actually a lot less work than I’d anticipated. A slow weekend of decorating and setting it all up remains…

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