Temporarily removed from sale

Since I haven’t been able to get the site providing the data back online within the week, I’ve temporarily removed Seattle Bus from sale on the AppStore. I’m working on a “fix” (changing the data provider) now that will hopefully be available soon.

I apologize for the trouble and annoyances.

If you have the application already, it’s worth noting that the application does work periodically. Unfortunately, the data feed is just so inconsistent as to be nearly useless.


I have a new parser functioning correctly with by MyBus.org and King County’s Metro Tracker site. The update should be uploaded to the AppStore shortly. I’ll post when I get the new version uploaded, and when it’s available.

I must say, it’s incredibly embarrassing that the King County site doesn’t even emit well formed HTML. The new parser is an interesting screen-scrape accumulation of regular expressions to pull out the relevant data. At least they’re posting it online…

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