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I went and saw the movie Watchmen this morning/early afternoon – a break from my “usual” weekend routine of the past 8 weeks or so. I’d hoped to see if Friday afternoon at a mid-day show, but I waited too long and the tickets sold out. Rotten Tomatoes is calling it a 65 at the moment – I suspect it’ll go higher over the weekend. I know of a number of folks that were disappointed with the film, but I wasn’t among them.

I particularly enjoyed the dystopian alternate-day reality they provided, and the special effects were, as expected, very well done. One of the actors I thought came off as fairly wooden compared to what I expected from the graphic novel – but overall I was very pleased with the whole effect.

Definitely not a movie for Karen though. For Karen, I think the next flick will likely be Coraline – which I’d really like to see. I’ll have to wait until next week though. She’s down at DisneyLand with some of her cousins and their kids for this weekend. That’s leaving me footloose a bit, and with a good excuse to see a movie.

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