24 hours with the iPhone 3GS

About a year ago, when the iPhone 3G came out, I had that conversation with Karen – “Do you want to upgrade?”. We knew we wanted to get her an iPhone… so how to arrange it. I was betting then that there’d be another upgrade this summer (June), so we got her a 3G and I waited. Yesterday, after the lines had died down and initial flurry was over, I went and purchased an iPhone 3GS to replace my original, bought-the-first-day iPhone.

(Yeah, I’ve been playing with it pretty solidly – what’d you expect?)

So my impressions a day later?

  1. It is noticeably faster. I upgraded my first gen phone to iPhone OS 3.0 and it was a bit pokey in places. Particularly the email and the first unlock screen. Seemed like it always paused on the unlock, which really screwed up my patterns of using the phone for a while. With the 3GS, the email is really quick – much more like whipping through email on a desktop machine, and there is zero pause in the unlock panel.
  2. That video thing is cool. Had to try it out – so I went outside and captured a bit of video with a honeybee in our front yard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scMgmByu97c. The sharing from the phone right into YouTube was really nice too. I’m not much of a YouTube user, but I can see where I might start using a lot more. Never thought I’d want a camera on my phone either… I’m looking forward to the moment when I get the facebook video upload integration too – that’s where I’m thinking I’ll share most of the videos to be honest.
  3. Speaking of cameras, the new one is a LOT better. The light balance is greatly improved, and while it was interesting to work the original iphone camera around to avoid that terrible white-light bloom problem, it was a pain. The new camera makes that really easy.

There’s a lot more that I’m sure I’m missing from the phone as yet – things I’ll learn from watching Brad do some crazy ass thing with his phone at the Luau some thursday night, and then I’ll be all over him asking “Awright you – how’d ya do that”. Apple even sent me a nice email today saying “Thanks for buying a new iPhone, here’s some cool things you can do with it”. That’s pretty cool outreach.

So I’m happy with, and very glad I waited for the upgrade. I do wonder what’ll come out next year….

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