Acorn 2.0!

Acorn 2.0 has been released – and be aware, it is Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) only! You can get a whole slew of details on Gus’ blog post about the 2.0 release of Acorn.

I’ve been impatiently awaiting this day for a while. I promised Gus I wouldn’t talk about features or the code or whatever while it was in beta, but now it’s out! The handy little feature that Gus posted (Command-Shift-6) a little while back has been my virtual life saver while making screen shots for classes. The new feature (my favorite, clearly) not only makes a snapshot but brings ALL the windows on your system in as layers in an Acorn document.

You can navigate down a great little hierarchy to find the one you can, select and copy the layer, and then paste directly into Keynote. Getting “just the right” shot is a hell of lot easier now: no trimming or dealing with that shadow effect (a real PITA for screenshots), you don’t have to worry about what background you have on your desktop, and even the windows of a given application are nicely sorted out into their own layers. You can merge them back together, or just grab the specific window you need (Hello Interface Builder!).

If you’re doing anything with screenshots on the Macintosh – get this program now! The minor cost will get paid back time on the first project you do with it.

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