Redmine and a scrum board

After a few days of playing and working with Redmine and some plugins, here’s where I’ve ended up:

I tried the redmine scrumdashboard plugin (, but was never able to get it even functional. The whole thing stacktraced under 0.8.7 and I’m just too ill informed on rails to be able to effectively debug it. I did log it as an issue ( though.

While I was working with the backlog plugins, I found a few quirks. In one case, it wasn’t editing anything from the backlog tab in Redmine. That turned out to be an issue with a recent Redmine feature related to cross site forgery protection. There were a couple of posts in the plugin forum and some associated bugs at the bug tracker. On the forums,  Eric Doughty-Papassideris suggested a solution, so I forked up the github project and posted that fix for anyone to use. Even made a pull request back to the master project – don’t know if it’s 100% the right thing to do for the solution, but it does do the trick.

The backlog plugin, while working, did have a quirk that I never quite identified. I enabled the plugin and slapped in a bunch of issues, and one of them caused the plugin to render in a really odd way. I suspect it wasn’t defending well against stupid parameters, but I wasn’t ever able to figure out why the thing was rendering all whacked. I ended up deleting that example project, but on another it appeared to work correctly.

Of the two, the scrumdashboard plugin appears to be in a “quiet phase” – little commit activity and I suspect it’s running afoul of recent Redmine updates and features. Backlog seems to be keeping up better, so I expect that’s where we’ll focus our usage.


One thing that I found surprising – If you’re using Redmine with Mercurial, the redmine instance wants to have a mercurial repository *local* on that machine – you can’t point it at a remote mercurial repository and have it function correctly. It only wants to read off the local filesystem to do it’s work. That surprised me – as I was planning on having a separate machine for the repository originally to separate the concerns.

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