Using fabric to deploy a Pinax project

I spent the better part of this morning screwing around with Fabric to get even a basic deployment working correctly with Pinax. I may be doing this horrifically backwards… Since I finally nailed something that worked for me and I couldn’t find much out there on the web, I wanted to post up a result so that other folks could use/riff etc.

Please feel free to replicate/clone/use/etc whatever to your heart’s content. It’s built around deploying a Pinax 0.71 project clone that also uses South for schema migrations, and the project is housed in BitBucket.

The other fabric file I found that’s referenced frequently was a part of the inspiration here: It’s a fabfile that’s intended to provide some simple rollback and expects to be used from GitHub – and has some really nice documentation associated with it. Maybe I’ll work on mine to add some of that doc… but mostly I’m just making it available as is.

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