I work, live, and play in technology. My job today is in technology – doing software to run software (a bit cyclical, yes)  – operations, in short. Almost everyone surrounding me at work is technical, smart, detailed, and very, very into computing and what it can do. To be honest, I’m mostly surrounded at work by people who happily use and understand Windows as a common operating system.

They’ve all been buzzing about the iPad. Shit, anyone in technology has been buzzing about it. Microsoft and HP (or laptop/tablet vendor of choice) had a decade to break this code and didn’t manage it. I’ve been hearing almost exclusively around why Apple fucked up, blew it, and why the Kindle and netbooks will continue to rule the roost. I won’t even go near the whole “Flash thing”.

I think they’re all dead fuckin’ wrong. Pardon the vuglarity, or not, as you please. It’s needed on this one. The iPad is a sign post. A marker of where we’re heading, and a sign of the change to come. I saw the preso, reading a few IRC channels and frantically refreshing web pages – and my thought was “Holy shit! I’m seeing something just like the first copy of NCSA Mosaic running on a Mac. This is going to change the world…”

And I found that I was completely unable to articulate this in any way that I could present to my coworkers. I didn’t bother demanding they listen, or that I was right, or any of that nonsense. I see it coming – they will too, eventually. In the past day or two, however, some very articulate fellows have done an amazing job putting down into text what I couldn’t. If you haven’t read these – do.

Thanks gents – I appreciate the words and thoughts – especially since I couldn’t seem to articulate them.

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