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No secret, I prefer Mercurial, and I think pretty highly of BitBucket too, but a whole lotta folks are using GitHub, and the platform is pretty damn good for general project collaboration, especially for open source projects.

The only problem, in my opinion, with GitHub is having to use git! I find it darned confusing, and I’m pretty confident and effective with source control tools. Not that I don’t appreciate it’s power, I’m just not in favor of that particular level of complexity/ease-of-use tradeoff.

Anyway, while I’m not great with it, I can figure it out. And since I did, I wrote it up. The example is available for the GitHub project letters if you’re interested. It should be really easy to translate into any other project on GitHub, and has the basics for collaborating, including getting code from anyone’s fork of the project and pull it into your own.

Hope it’s useful… I’ll be doing another one of these at some point for BitBucket and mercurial…

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