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well, really it’s remote python through a web browser, but it’s still pretty cool. I caught these two links from an email that Brian Dorsey wrote, and thought they were worth putting up on the blog for later reference (thanks Google!)

Try-Python is a classic interactive python 2.5.2 (as of this writing) interpreter, so available through some javascript magic and running in what looks like a console window. For those little “How’s python do this again…” things, it’s amazingly quick. Okay – so I normally find it just as quick to pop open a terminal, but if I didn’t have a terminal available… this would be invaluable.

Similar to try-python, but made with a very different intent – it’s meant to plug into Google AppEngine (they’ve made the source available at git:// Can’t beat that! Functionally, it’s pretty much the same as Try-Python except that it makes you log in first – which I can’t really complain about – if I were running an open interpreter like that I’d likely want to know who was doing what… or otherwise force a means of “cleaning” that system periodically.

The whole thread popped up on the local Seattle Python mailing list because Katherine Hernandez was interesting in poking at python, but was primarily working from an iPod (and soon, I think, an iPad) – where an interactive terminal is discouraged if not denied.

That denial means you can’t sell anything like that through the AppStore, but I’m beginning to wonder if I couldn’t knock together a python interpreter and the standard libraries as a development-only thing, and then make that available. Anyone with a dev license could compile and run it, and share it with a number of folks using the ad-hoc distribution model. It’s the only immediate work-around I can think to the AppStore controlled model, but it might do the trick.

Of course, I need another new project like I need a hole in my head, but it’s a neat idea…

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  1. Hi, I’m working on my new article and search for information on running languages (other than JavaScript) in the webbrowser (even indirectly with help of server). I found this two links very interesting, and was curious if you know something similar for Ruby? (unfortunetly I do not follow Ruby development at all, but I guess there for sure is something similar).



    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to find something out there, but Ruby isn’t one of the languages I generally work in – so no, sorry – I don’t know.


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