Looking for a full time Cocoa programmer

Gus, El Presidente at Flying Meat Inc., is looking for a full time Cocoa programmer to come work with him up in Everett, WA.

Here’s the details:

Do you love programming for the Mac and iPhone and think Objective-C is the bees’ knees?  Are you sick of your boring 9-5 job and wish you had more interesting problems to solve?  Would you like to join an indie Mac shop in the heart of downtown Everett, Washington?

Flying Meat ( http://flyingmeat.com/ ) is looking for a full time programmer to work on our award winning applications for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

The ideal employee has real world experience with Objective-C, programming with Xcode, a friendly attitude when talking to customers, and a penchant for figuring out tough problems.

– Downtown Everett, WA.

– Programming (fixing bugs, adding new features, etc) on our existing applications, and help bringing about new ones for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
– Assisting with 2nd level support.

– Experience with Objective-C and Xcode.
– Experience with Subversion or similar version control systems.
– Ability to work with at least a couple of scripting languages, such as Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Bash, Lua, JSTalk, etc.
– Experience shipping an iPhone, iPad, or Mac application.
– Highly professional, with the ability to multitask and deliver solid work on tight schedules.
– A sense of humor and an easy to get along with personality.

Experience that will help you stand out:
– Ability to work comfortably with Mac OS X graphic APIs such as Core Image and Quartz.
– Familiarity with network protocols.
– Ability to zip around in Terminal.app while blindfolded.
– You know the Mac HIG inside and out.

– Paid vacation.
– Profit sharing.
– Relaxed working environment.
– Retirement plan.

How to Apply:
Please send resume in plain text to gus@flyingmeat.com .  Make sure to point to projects you’ve worked on, and we would also love to see code you’ve written!

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