WWDC 2010

Ticketing system replaced and launched, I’m ready for a decompress. There’s pretty much no better place to do that, in my mind, than at WWDC in San Francisco this coming week.

I used to send myself every other year. Strangely, I’ve been attending for over 10 years now. Seems odd that it’s been so long. It’s been wild watching the changes in the conference over the years. This year is no different. There’s hardly any “just” MacOS X sessions now – iPhone and iPad (not surprisingly) crowd out the whole schedule. The time to selling out the conference is shorter this year than before, and I rather expect the crowds to be as insane as ever. Fortunately, many of my friends from Seattle Xcoders will be there – even if they love taking digs at each other over sax interface xml parsing code and “unnatural love”.

Best of all, the really big project weighing on my mind for the past month is out – I can go play, hack, drink, laugh with my friends, and not worry about deadlines for a while.

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