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There’s an interesting fast iteration in language efforts happening around javascript. It’s been pretty much dominating the client side arena for ages, started to make some interesting headway into server side with Node.js, but now I am starting to see even greater depth in the languages toolchain.

It all revolves around the development toolchain, and the base components to cobble together full desktop-UI quality applications. This happens to overlap extensively with the server side world too – but the details started really becoming clear after digging a bit into Sencha, SproutCore, and JavascriptMVC. And it’s Javascript MVC that stands out to me.

If you look at the home page for the site, it presents itself as a collection of tools and mechanisms to do a full-bore standard application:

  • core generators
  • dependency management
  • build scripts
  • testing
  • templating
  • code cleaning and linting

and the list goes on. All of those components in javascript, for javascript. It’s still incredibly fragmented as a language, but the parallel efforts moving forward to drive automated testing, including unit testing on the server side. Node has it’s own built-in stuff, but there’s also a lot of effort to bring QUnit from the JQuery world into that same server side world.

Python and Ruby still have a dominant hold on the server side development, but I wonder for how much longer…

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