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Its been ages since I wrote here, and its time to get back into that a bit. Since January I’ve switched jobs, which I have found to be immensely refreshing. My teams at Disney accomplished truely amazing things, including an incredibly innovative internal cloud hosting architecture and production support of a central hadoop instance and breaking through the learning curves on operationalizing a multi-tenant Hadoop cluster.

April started showing me a need to change things up. There’s not too much to say about the whys and wherefores of deciding to leave Disney that are relevant (or appropriate) for a public forum like my blog. Suffice to say the impetus hit. In late April I attended the second OpenStack design summit in Santa Clara, and then a vacation up to Alaska to settle down and reset. At the end of that, I was ready and took on a new position at a new company where I can combine a number of pieces that Im passionate about: DevOps and OpenStack. I guess that misses out a bit on the Mac/iPhone development, but it would be an immensely rare gig that could cover all three of those.

I can’t yet speak of the new company, save to say that it is exciting, challenging, and I really enjoy the crew that I’m working with. We are all top-secret and stealth startup at the moment… although the word should be coming out at OSCON 2011 with some pretty amazing announcements. In the mean time, I’m very happy to be back in the middle of actively working on open source projects – most specifically OpenStack.

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