As the diablo milestone nears…

In the openstack project, we’re nearing the “Diablo Milestone”. To a large respect, it’s the fourth release of OpenStack. Even as we close down on the tail end of this release, there has been and is a huge amount of movement in the project.

We have Quantum and Glance shifting to use Github as a repository, new processes (that would be using Gerrit) wrapped around GitHub to allow the project to have a “gated trunk” methodology, and lots of “motion” within the various projects. It’s pretty easy to see on Github, a little harder with launchpad (I just don’t have the tools handy to create the pretty graphs) – you can see the impact graphs for swift, keystone, glance, quantum, and openstack-dashbaord to see what I mean.

The shifting to Gerrit hasn’t been without it’s trials, but is coming along pretty well now. I really wish the GitHub folks had been a bit more amenable to putting in a field that external folks could use to store metadata about a pull request. Several folks from the OpenStack project (including myself) reached out to them about this, all rebuffed (nicely, but still). In fact, one of the suggestions I got back from the github’r support was “Why don’t you set up Gerrit?”

With the changes in core repository, lots of dependencies are shifting as well. Dashboard was broken a bit this week we kicked things around to get the dependencies to match the new locations, I think we’ve got all those pieces worked around now (pull request outstanding for openstack-dashboard). The other piece that really shifted and broke with these changes were the install scripts that we’ve been using to build and work on a developer’s environment. The cloudbuilder team at Rackspace recently created a whole new setup that works very nicely, so I think we’re going to drop our older scripts (based on over-extended versions of Vish’s excellent script) and move to using their new ““. (And yeah, of course we’ll want to mess with it ourselves, so I’ve forked it…)

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