OpenStack Folsom RC1

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I expect the new several to be busy as well, leading up to the next OpenStack Design Summit (Oct 15th-18th in San Diego, CA).

We rolled RC1 for Keystone Folsom release out the door this past week, and at this point I think all the projects have an initial release candidate out the door. The original release date is 5 days away, and it’s looking pretty good for hitting it. If you want a quick overview of what’s coming in this release, I’d recommend a look at Emilien Macchi’s Folsom overview, which is a pretty nice high level summary.

While we’ve been busy nailing down bugs and wrapping this release together, the OpenStack Foundation has finally come into form. As the Keystone project technical lead, I’m on the OpenStack technical committee – picture and title, but I haven’t written a bio yet. (Sorry Lauren). I find it really quite difficult to write a bio at myself. Regardless, it’s great to finally see this moving into a foundation external to any single corporate interest. That’s not to say it’s all in the land of milk and cookies, there’s just a lot of people with all slightly different interests jumping into the pool to push this little rowboat in different directions.

One thing that we did early out of excellent foresight was keeping the direction of the core projects democratically oriented by the contributors to those projects. The people that show up to write, update, and support the code are the ones that are ultimately making the decisions on what features get implemented, and when. Lots of folks talk about what could be, but it’s the contributors that make it happen.

A perfect example of this is Adam Young, who in the past 6 months drove the implementation of PKI based tokens in Keystone. I’m not even sure I’ve met Adam face to face, but I definitely know him – and he’s been a fantastic contributor, and in the Folsom development cycle was promoted to the core Keystone team.

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